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DEUX. now her rushing to Larry's... first off the description of him at the door.. 0_0 yes Gawd! the twists.. the boxers... the caramel skin care and glistening under the dim lighting, YES! but I digress... I don't know how to feel about him entertaining himself with a new woman. Like... Lylah planted a seed in his head and clearly that shit sprouted. I'm weak... and the girl seemed comfortable.. hugging him from behind and shit. *shudders* I feel for Lulu

ltfirstlady answered:

lol, i did not write nothing about glistening under dim lighting, that’s your imagination running wild boo, lol *crying* But please, feel free to elaborate, I shall be highly entertained by whatever scenario you come up with. Giiiirrrrl, Lylah did some work, had Larry taking what she said to heart.Can you blame him though?



clearly I’m an esthetician, talking about skin care  “/

the dim light… yeah I totally imagined it that way LMFAO and can I blame him… YES! Lucy was ridiculous but she let him know the deal with Corinthians 3:39… even though it wasn’t right. she told him things down to when Christopher Columbus kissed her and okay… Larry may have had a change of heart.. a mild change of heart because I don’t think he’s checked out yet but he could’ve… IDK. he said I can’t but what the fuck does that even mean 

Wow, everyone is so split on this. I feel for both. But I’m mad you had me go into Scripture with Corinthians though…lol. Imma have to look up what that verse says. Lol.

Corinthians though? I’m weak after reading that


I’m trying to learn French.





I’m like dedicated lol

I’m learning, too!…but I’m not dedicated, tho…

I’m learning, but then I always think “who the hell am I going to talk to in French?” And then I feel a bit discouraged

I felt that way at first but then I can say shit to people that they wouldn’t understand; insulting them 75% of the time and saying something nasty/freaky the other 25% lol

So clearly I’ll be talking to yal in French then. Yep




Cute video put together by Larry Bourgeois Fan…. but the best part of the video may be the end for some of you…. Larry Bourgeois Fan will be going to meet the Les Twins soon and she would love for any of their fans to shoot a short video saying hi or how much you love them and she will compile all of the submissions into one video and hopefully she will get a chance to show it to the twins. Just check out the video, then go check out her page on you tube to find out where to submit your video for a chance to have the Les Twins view it!

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